Faraday Defense offers the automotive industry three different means of protection.

Theft Prevention

Whether you are a car dealer, mechanic, or a civilian, a Faraday bag is a prevention to car theft from parking lots and homes. Thieves are using the boosting method, where they boost the key FOB signal in order to get into the car. A Faraday bag prevents that FOB signal from being read even directly next to the bag, completely protecting it from being boosted.

EMP Protection

An EMP has the potential to knock out your vehicle’s electronics. We offer specially built products that offer high levels of surge protection for vehicles. Whether you use it as an add-on at a dealership, a DIY personal vehicle project, or a product offered at a repair or custom shop, our EMP vehicle kit is a great service with real world value in vehicle protection.

Testing Protection

Vehicle manufacturers use our Faraday enclosures and chambers to test new vehicles in. Our fully-customizable chambers can be built to whatever size you need, and include whatever accessories you may need also.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions, or would like to inquire about making a purchase, you may contact us at sales@faradaydefense.com, or call at (800) 748-6052.