Faraday Defense
Business Sales
If Faraday products fit into your goods and services lineup, please contact us to lead to the expansion of your markets.

Materials & Textiles

A materials research company focused on discovery, product innovation and pushing product protection forward.

Engineered Systems & Enclosures

Isolation systems to block signal is increasingly become more sophisticated as technologies in wave creation and deployment develop. Faraday Defense systems for enterprises improve your capabilities.


Faraday Defense is uniquely equipped as a highly capable and agile company to partner with businesses and industries to bring solutions to market. We specialize in the production and distribution of bulk rolled textiles, as well as designing and manufacturing finished protective products such as bags, cases, and enclosures. Whether you need access to new material, a large quantity of fabric, or another product, contact us to see how Faraday Defense can collaborate with you to meet your EMF protection needs.

Industries Served

Faraday Defense offers protective solutions and product catagories relevant to a wide range of industries:
  • EMP and HEMP Preparedness
  • Digital Forensic Teams
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Private Enterprises
  • Medical Industry
  • Communications
  • Research & Testing
  • Aerospace/Space
  • Technology
  • Residential & Commercial Construction