Faraday Defense
Faraday Defense is proud to offer forensic bags and fabrics that are Berry Compliant.

Faraday Boxes

Total Faraday protection with solid metal signal blocking box solutions.

Durable Bags

High performance custom portable signal isolation enclosures.


Quality domestically produced conductive high frequency attenuation EMI Fabrics.

Logistic Packaging

EMI protective packaging solutions for high value and mission critical military electronics.



The Berry Amendment requires the Department of Defense to use its funds to procure domestically produced clothing, fabrics, and other items. This Amendment is named after Ellis Yarbal Berry (a member of the House of Representatives from 1951-1971) who introduced an amendment to the Buy American Act to expand the law to include all clothing, cotton, and wool. Congress passed later related amendments (referred to as Berry Amendments) with the goal of protecting the US industry by encouraging purchases of US made and sourced products over those made and sourced in foreign countries. 
Berry Compliant means our product is made in the USA and made from USA-sourced materials. This is not only pertinent for the Department of Defense, but for the individual consumer as well. Selecting Berry Compliant products guarantees you are not just shopping “made in USA” or shopping local, but you are at the core supporting American raw goods, manufacturing, and production.

Items that are Berry Compliant are labeled. If you are a member of the Department of Defense and are looking for customized offerings not listed, please contact us to see how we can meet your specific needs.