3 Meter
EMC Chamber


VC3 Semi-Anechoic Chamber

The VC3 Chamber provides a controlled environment, free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ambient RF signals entering or exiting the room. Fully compliant for emissions and immunity testing, the VC3 allows for a 3-meter testing distance. VECTOR chambers are built with anechoic foam on the walls and ceiling for acoustical damping. All of our chambers are designed with a modular construction system and equipped with acoustic protection, LED ambient lighting, and EMC protection. We build to standard specifications or custom design a chamber to meet your requirements.


  • Magnetic: 55 dB @ 10kHz; 95dB @ 200kHz; 100 dB @ 1 MHz.
  • Electric: 100 dB from 15 kHz to 100 MHz
  • Planewave: 100 dB from 100 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Microwave: 100 dB at 10 GHz
  • Full Compliant Emission: CISPR 16-1-4
  • Full Compliant Immunity: IEC/EN 61000-4-3
  • Dimensions: 8.9 m x 5.6 m x 5.8 m


  • Modular and pre-fabricated industrial design
  • Ferrite and hybrid pyramidal absorbers
  • Full compliant emission and immunity testing
  • Self-supporting stability


  • RF power line filters
  • Internal electrical distribution
  • RF signal filters
  • Honeycomb waveguide air vents
  • Bulkhead connector panels
  • Waveguide pipe penetrations
  • Custom frequency ranges
  • Audio communication
  • Power
  • Custom interior finishing
  • Acoustics damping
  • LED ambient lighting
  • TEMPEST shielding
  • Air conditioning
  • Test benches
  • Turntable
  • Fire detection
  • RF vestibules
Semi Anechoic Chamber

Alarm Light

Shielded Door

Honeycomb Vent

Keypad Entry

Shielded Door

Honeycomb Vent

Modular Wall Panels