Your devices are important tools. They connect you to family, friends, the world around you, and oftentimes pay your bills! However, your devices also allow others to connect to you, and not always with good intent. This is where we provide help.

Signals we block: Cell Signal, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, RFID, Radar, EMP

Average Range: 85dB attenuation from 400 MHz-40GHz

Faraday Bags

People just like you use our products every day to ensure their privacy, safety, and even their health. Our bags protect you from tracking and hacking, both from larger companies tracking your information and location habits, but also from individual people who don’t have the best intentions for you in mind. Our bags are often used for key FOB protection as well, with car thieves using newer methods that require key FOB signals to steal or enter cars. Faraday bags also block the EMF radiation that you are exposed to every day from devices all around us, but specifically the devices that radiate daily from your counter, bags and pockets. View our bags here.

EMP Protection

Faraday Defense offers a unique set of EMP protection products. In the case of an EMP, you could lose access to all of your devices, your vehicle, and even your home’s electrical system. Storing devices or even extra items inside our bags will fully protect them from an EMP. Save money with our EMP-specific storage bags, which provide EMP protection, but far less hacking and tracking security. Protect your home and vehicles with our other EMP protection options.

Home Health

It is virtually impossible to protect yourself from all of the radiation we face from the electromagnetic spectrum. Certain types of this radiation can affect some people’s health more than others. For this reason, putting your electronics in Faraday bags can cut down on the radiation you are exposed to. Putting Faraday curtains up in your home helps contain what comes through the windows, which are typically leakier than regular walls. Others like to use our barrier material to install in between their house and their smart meter.

Contact Us

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