Faraday Defense
Logistic Packaging Products.
Faraday Defense understands packaging that protects parts, devices, and assemblies within the supply chain and storage.

ESD Packaging

One-time use EMI protective packaging solutions  for high value electronics.

Durable Bags

High performance reusable custom portable signal isolation bags for flexible transport.

Faraday Boxes

Total faraday protection with rugged daily use solid metal signal blocking box solutions.



We offer the ability to develop and provide custom logistical packaging solutions that meet MIL-SPEC and other industrial specifications. This packaging is designed to properly protect its contents while being lightweight, cost effective, and highly versatile. Whether pouch, roll stock, or tubing, and whether it is for perishable food or sensitive and high value military and electronic equipment, Faraday Defense has a packaging solution to fit. A wide variety of materials are available, each with their own featured strengths. Contact us to discuss more!
Faraday Defense designs, manufactures, and delivers solutions for a wide variety of applications, from government entities tasked with the safe transport of sensitive electronics, to healthcare device manufacturers, to defense contractors.