What are Preppers?  What is the point?

Preppers and Survivalists are just that: Prepared individuals who are willing to invest in their future survival.  

While there is a lot of controversy and apparent lack of need for this sort of thing these days, there are few strong points to consider:

1. We can and should never take anything for granted.  Wars happen, Diseases happen, Droughts happen, Bad weather happens, etc. etc.  Being prepared is not a bad thing when a small investment may be a life & death decision in hindsight.  Hindsight is always 20/20.

2. Our sources of food and water are dependent on the delivery system of our society in many cases.  Specifically supermarket, city water systems, etc. bring us our vital nutrients.  These items are largely dependent on the nations electrical grid which if severely threatened or taken down would take down these vital delivery system within days.  

3. Our nation was built as a country indivisible under God.  God blessed this country with a beginning set of strong values and talented individuals as founding fathers who believed in this country’s freedom, grit, enterprise, and future.  They also believed in its people, who at the time grew this country through innovation before electricity was even invented.  They knew how to shoot, hunt, grow food, build business and with God’s blessing built the wonderful USA.

While prepping is not practical for everyone, it is wise to determine: What are you willing to sacrifice for not prepping?