Skimming – What is it? Does it really happen?

Skimming is the term used for “identity-theft” which, in the past, has always meant credit-card fraud or the like.  This involves a thief obtaining access to a credit card and running it through a device that electronically captures your information.  This information is then used adversely or criminally sold.

Of late, skimming is often performed through hacking and unsecured wi-fi breaches.  Mobile devices, tablets, and laptops left in unsecured wi-fi mode are susceptible to prying eyes and damaging consequences.

Today’s society runs off mobile networks and free wi-fi networks with constant user device interaction with these networks, but often the understandable lack-of-discipline to protect devices against damaging threats.

Devices not used but still connected to unsecured networks are left vulnerable and let’s face it: It’s hard to remember to turn Wi-fi off every time, or to turn our device off after use.

In addition, as technology advances, so do skimming methods.  It is wise to protect all cards with magnetic strips (ie credit cards), electronics, and chip-embedded items to be safe. These items include ID Cards, Credit Cards, Passports, Cellphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, and more.