Technology is a broad field that covers many industries. Faraday is proud to offer solutions across the various industries in which you are involved. Whether using Faraday bags or full enclosures/chambers, our signal-blocking technology has a use for you.

Signals we block: Cell Signal, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, RFID, Radar, EMP

Average Range: 85dB attenuation from 400 MHz-40GHz

Technology Faraday Uses:

  • EMF Radiation Blocking/Isolation
  • Secure Rooms
  • Cryptocurrency Vaults
  • Hard Drive Protection
  • Travel Protection

You may need to protect a device that is giving off EMF radiation, interfering with signals, or requiring total isolation from anything outside. Custom build different types of tents and enclosures with us to match your needs. If transporting devices or tech that you want isolated, our Faraday bags can fit a large variety of sizes, with pouches, backpacks, duffel bags, and more available to protect and isolate your equipment. Our special Faraday fabrics provide support for custom projects.

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Different application? If you have any further questions, or would like to inquire about making a purchase, you may contact us at, or call at (800) 748-6052.