Using Faraday Bags in Law Enforcement


Digital evidence can make or break a case in court. Because of this, criminals have found ways to erase digital evidence, and even track their confiscated evidence. Through the use of Faraday bags and Faraday enclosures, law enforcement has a way to preserve the chain of custody.

Evidence Collection:

When an officer collects a phone or electronic device off of a suspect, that piece of evidence needs to be kept safe from tampering. Many suspects, especially in organized crime, have people in place to remotely wipe their devices if they are ever picked up. The Faraday bags offer a solution to that. A Faraday bag will block Cell, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, RFI, and GPS signals. By making use of a Faraday bag, the LEO is able to ensure that the integrity of the collected device remains intact, and is secured for forensic investigation and court evidence.


Another safety measure that is important in evidence collection is through the use of the bag’s GPS blocking. Oftentimes certain types of evidence need to be brought to off-site and private locations, so the GPS blocking capabilities of the Faraday bags are crucial to keeping these locations private and untracked.


Travel Protection:

When traveling with sensitive electronics, escorting VIPs, or transferring anything to private locations, Faraday bags are the perfect tool. Some of the primary reasons for this are as follows:

  • Protect Agency Devices from remote access
  • Protect VIP Devices from remote access
  • Hide location


Secure Rooms:

Faraday rooms are important to ensure that evidence stays protected while it is being inspected. Through the use of Faraday tents or Hard wall enclosures, evidence can be studied and sifted through without fear of tampering. Most tents and rooms are built custom in order to provide for each agency’s specific needs and requirements. Faraday tents offer a unique option, as they are able to be taken down and put up wherever they may be needed, whether in a building or in the field. Apart from being a safe evidence investigation room, these structures also serve as a secure communications hub.

Faraday bags & pouches offer law enforcement a unique security measure. If you are interested in learning more about these bags and their capabilities, email us at, and we’d love to help you with any questions!