Faraday Defense is pleased to introduce our newest product lines that carry out our mission of managing waves in the environments around us. With the introduction of our re-designed router guard, CYBER fabrics and portable tents you now have more tools to protect against EMF.

Stay tuned for the latest  happenings at Faraday Defense. We are constantly broadening our product offerings based on feedback we receive from you, our customers. The release of new product offerings keeps Faraday Defense on the cutting edge of the EMF world.

The concerns this year at the forefront for consumers is the roll out of 5G networks, data protection and contact tracing. 5G networks present opportunities for faster data connections, however, the need to block and shield this signal has become a new hurdle in  the EMF world. Privacy also remains a concern as big data continues to play a big part in the world around us. Even though encryption technologies are increasing the control we have on our devices there is still a need to block out signals so that big data cannot access our every move. The recent development of contact tracing apps to help curve the spread of COVID-19 around the globe has raised concerns with organizations and advocates concerned with privacy and cybersecurity risks. Faraday bags are proving to be the best analog way to eliminate data companies and applications from harvesting location data about the whereabouts of  you, the user.


With a host of new technologies making big “waves”, be assured, the team at Faraday Defense is busy testing and adding new and exciting products to help with your management of electrical magnetic waves. We want you to be at the forefront of the defense of your health & security. We are excited to add to our CYBER line of fabric the very first fabrics designed to work hard against the strongest transmittance of EMF.

For government projects that require Berry Amendment compliance we have a rip-stop nylon fabric that is high performing and produced with an unique propitiatory process. The properties of this fabric allow it to be strong yet flexible with the ability to drape and form. This Berry Compliant fabric is primarily used for EMI/RFI and ESD in a variety of applications.

USA BERRY RS – Nickle Copper Ripstop Nylon

SUPER X – Adhesive backed fabric is an excellent top performing fabric with high metal content compared to previous generations of fabrics. We are proud to offer this new top of the line fabric with the same versatility of an adhesive backed fabric.

SUPER X-A – Nickle Copper Adhesive Backed Polyester

SUPER X Adhesive backed rip-stop fabric is a strong, high metal content fabric that has superior plating that will provide higher attenuation then previous fabrics. The Rip-Stop weave favors a high strength to weight ratio. The fabric remains soft and flexible and the conductive adhesive backing makes this fabric a go to where permanent surface placement is needed.

Super X-RS-A – nickel copper rip-stop adhesive backed fabric

The newest version of rip-stop available now with more metal content per fiber gives this fabric one of the highest performance marks in the industry. The Nickel plating is smooth and corrosion resistant. With its shimmering metallic aesthetic and the excellent flexibility, it gives you all the advantages of a rip-stop fabric with the metallic performance for blocking and shielding signal and other various forms of EMF. Tear and rip resistant weaves allows for more durable use applications.

SUPER X-RS – Nickle Copper Ripstop


The Faraday Defense Tent allows for easy setup and break down when quick deployment and enclosure is needed. RF/EMI tents offer an affordable alternative to traditional hard wall chambers and soft wall enclosures match shielding effectiveness in comparison. Independent testing of a complete assembled tent system including installed components, resulted in a minimum
signal attenuation of -85.7 dB over a range of frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz measuring through the wall at multiple locations. Faraday Defense Tents are offered in standard sizes or you can opt to have an enclosure designed and built to custom specifications

Optimum Construction

The Faraday Defense Tent offers optimum protection. Using silver/copper/nickel conductive fabric and utilizing a double magnet strip door, the tent delivers maximum isolation from EMF. The Faraday Defense Tent is made in the USA. Applications for the Faraday Defense Tent include: EMC pre-compliance or conducted and radiated emissions testing, wireless device testing, temporary EMI shielding and secure communications.


With the success of our first generation Router Guard and positive feedback from our valued customers we decided to build on what we had and make it even better. The Faraday Router Guard 2 was born. Balancing cost, aesthetics and performance we have delivered a product that will offer best in market protection against EMF in the home and office. Router Guard 2 will accommodate a variety of router sizes and will offer ease of use whether it is standing up or sitting on its side.

Every year, routers, are getting more and more integrated into our everyday lifestyle and connection to the world. Faraday Defense and our customers believe that we need to shield our bodies against these waves put out by routers and modems as they are operating with more powerful frequencies. While studying a re-design of our successful first generation router guard we decided not to just come out with one size guard as we had done in the past, but to come up with two sizes to cover the small and large routers offered on the market. Router Guard 2 is our answer to shielding waves in the home and office but not entirely blocking them offering a safe connection to the rest of the world.

Now with a higher gauge aluminum shield the Router Guard 2 is more balanced with form and function. The chassis is black wrinkle powder coated steel which is strong and sturdy and provides a great fit for the shield. Now with less welds and seams this design not only looks good but functions much easier. With the cover off it is easy to manage the cable entry and setting up your router. Once you’re finished you simply slide the perforated aluminum cover into the chassis and now your environment is shielded against full strength router output.