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Do I Need a Faraday Hardwall Enclosure or a Faraday Tent?

So you’ve decided that your company needs a Faraday cage or a SCIF. The reasons you need it for will have a big impact on what type of Faraday enclosure that you get. The two main types of Faraday Cages available are hardwalls and tents. Both hardwalls and tents can be built to whatever custom size you require, so more research is required to pick the right one for your purposes. To help you decide, we’ve made a head to head comparison of each type of SCIF.


In terms of price, there is a major difference between the two options. A Faraday hardwall is going to require more construction and more materials. Because of this, you will almost always find a Faraday tent to be a much lower cost than a Faraday hardwall. Smaller tabletop tents can be built to offer even more price relief if your Faraday needs don’t require a larger space.

Winner: Faraday Tent


While both types of SCIFs block signals and radiation from getting in or out, and both offer secure communication lines, there are still differentiating reasons for picking one over the other. 

A Faraday tent has an advantage in its semi-permanent structure. Most smaller sizes can be set up and taken down in under an hour, making them ideal for a company or agency with mobile needs. Most smaller tents can be broken down into a duffel bag with the poles in an adjoining carrying case for incredibly easy transport. Coupled with a cheaper price, they have a very clear appeal to many law enforcement agencies for forensics and companies doing testing on products.

A Faraday hardwall has its own unique functions. Acoustic blocking can be applied to hardwalls for safe and soundproof conversations. Other systems can be set up in a hardwall that are not available to a Faraday tent, like a fireproof system, and the ability to be set up and give the appearance of a normal room in a building. The modular system in the Faraday Defense hardwalls also offers the advantage of future expansion without having to buy an entirely new product.

Winner: It Depends


The durability of a Faraday cage is very important. While we take pride in both of our options being durable and lasting for many years, the Faraday Hardwall does have an advantage. Its permanent structure means it isn’t ever being moved around or transported, eliminating the risk of transport damage. The tents are covered with a high quality sports nylon for protection, but the more rigid hard sides of a Faraday hardwall enclosure offer much more protection against tearing and structural damage. 

Winner: Faraday Hardwall


Ultimately, the choice you make should be dependent on the exact reasons you need a Faraday cage. To some, the mobility and price of a Faraday tent make it a no-brainer. People who need acoustic blocking, or want to build a permanent room structure would much rather choose a hardwall enclosure. The unique differences offer a large number of solutions to companies. If you have any questions about what enclosure would be right for your specific needs, we would love to assist you. Email us at, or call us at 1(800) 748-6052 to talk through the right Faraday solution for you.

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