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What is
EM Wave

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ve heard the pilots announce that your phone must be put on airplane mode. This may seem strange, but the reason behind it is important. Cell phones emit large amounts of EMF radiation. While the chances of harm diminish greatly as technology advances, the interference from passenger cell phones can still interfere with the communications between the pilots and ground control, and cause disturbances in the navigational systems.

Wave management is the practice of limiting or eliminating the presence of EMF radiation. Using airplane mode and cutting down your phone’s EMF emissions is one example of wave management. The primary forms of wave management via Faraday technology are through the use of Faraday bags, Faraday enclosures, and Faraday fabrics. 

Wave management is important in all 3 main sectors/industries:


In civilian life, it is used for security and health, specifically regarding the security of personal devices, and to combat the high levels of exposure to EMF radiation. It can protect from stolen information, whether off of credit cards, phones, laptops, or other electronic devices.


Companies practice it for RF/EMF isolation, typically by running their tests in a Faraday enclosure to avoid any outside interference, or to prevent anything inside the enclosure from leaking out. (Michael Faraday, the inventor of the Faraday cage, used it for the exact same purpose!) 

Law Enforcement

The military and Law Enforcement implement this in order to hide the locations of command centers or certain equipment, and to protect the locations of individuals or hidden locations. They also use them to prevent the destruction of digital evidence, in order to process devices picked up at crime scenes.

Proper wave management can lead to a healthier and safer lifestyle. For companies, it can lead to innovative breakthroughs and safe testing. For the military and Law Enforcement, it is often a tool used to maintain secrecy and protect sensitive information. Faraday Defense works in all three sectors (consumer, business, and government) to promote safety and security in a world so full of electromagnetic waves and fields.